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I now have a brand spanking new Dreamwidth account - thank you Fluterbev for the invite!

I'm going to take this opportunity to jot down my memories of the fantabulous GMOH10 weekend we had in Birmingham 9-10th October. I'm afraid I'm going to be lazy and just copy/paste from my livejournal entries and comments to other people - apologies if you've already read them.

Here are some of my memories of the weekend (warning - LONG post!)

My first encounter with GM:

GM (upon seeing my T-shirt with "The Rolling Stones" printed on it): "Oh hey! You like The Rolling Stones?"
Me: "Bit before my time...."
GM clutches his chest with a shocked expression on his face: "Oh really!"
Hence the slighted bemused look he has in the pic of the 2 of us. And my horrendous grin.

7up ;'D

Rebecca rocks. Can we have a "Rebecca Over Here" please?

Far too many blurry pics. The man just can't sit still.

Numbers 1-10 are now my lucky numbers

Me to GM during quiz: "Does it not worry you that people don't know whether to believe you or not?"

Inn't technology great. When and if it works.

GM: "I'll guide him through his first time."

GM (re. sideburns of doom): "Why did no one tell me how bad they were?" (para.)

GM's chat up line (or lack of).

What's your greatest fear? GM slowly looks down line of ladies...

GM: "Blair was a bit of an idiot."

GM: "Did I really say that?!" Re. previous claim that he wrote for himself. Lies!

The slightly embarassing thing about the Louis Armstrong answer was that I originally put it down but the other 2 weren't sure so I scored it out! D'oh....

The one Garett got wrong was Camp David. Daft Americans! Oh yeah, and it thought you added pesto to pasta to make it green (it was spinach!)

Numbers 1-10 are now my lucky numbers! In my defense I asked for the last 2 to be drawn again. Garett then dragged me to up to pull the tickets out. I accused him of not shaking the bags enough.....

Didn't he say perfume instead of cologne at first when taking about Jim tracking his scent in GND? I hope I'm not starting to make things up!

I'd brought the DVD's down with me so that Garett could sign them - in the end I had so much other stuff for him to sign that I didn't need them. I think he was rather bemused by me the whole weekend....

Brandon used to put a pillow against the wall and tell Garett to punch it pulling it away at the last second so that G would end up punching the wall. Brandon apparently did this A LOT. *G obviously doesn't learn quickly*

He'd like to build a house from scratch.

When filming Blair's lines on The Sentinel and Richard was offscreen Richard would say something unintelligable in place of Jim's lines to put him off. Garett eventually asked to do the lines solo and just pretend to answer Richard....

He said he was more like his mum than his dad. He jokingly said he dad was a dick!

He said he could hold a tune but couldn't really sing. Said that during family trips in the car everyone would be singing away. When he joined in everyone would turn round to look at him! He does dance around the house a lot.

Garett was talking about his brother and the stuff they used to get up to when they were younger. There was one time when Garett had been to an awards ceremony with his dad and they arrived home in their tux's after having had a few 7-ups. Garett, being a little bit squiffy, decided he wanted to fight his brother and smacked him one on the shoulder. Brandon, being older, wiser and sober let it slide saying, "I'll give you that one, but do it again and I'll hit back." So Garett hit him again. Brandon punched him so hard that "He put me in the bookcase!" At which point their dad and G's date walked in to see books raining down on G, who immediately jumped up exclaiming "Look what he did to me!"

I asked G who would play him if there were to be a film made about him. I think he decided on either Brad Pitt or Jude Law, who I protested was a girl. I managed to refrain from saying that actually in that case Jude Law would be a good choice. How, I don't know given the ribbing I'd gotten from G all weekend!

According to Rebecca he has "road rage issues" when driving in LA.

The worst sports injury he's had was when he was playing American Football (Rugby!) when he was 15. He landed one way with his (right?) leg sticking out the other way. They popped his knee back into place on the field and he was in a brace for a year. He has a week knee as a result.

He's still in touch with Richard and Bruce but they are all so busy that they don't see each other much.

I had a lovely chat with him about the 48 Hour Film Project ( for more info) which I've done in Edinburgh the past 2 years and he has done in LA. He was really interested in what we'd done and congratulated me when I said I'd had my acting debut this year (no i didn't tell him I only had 2 words! I'm mostly behind camera). He told me that his team pretty much all fell out as some of the guys wanted to have certain titles in the credits and as a result don't really work together anymore. He thought the whole situation was pretty stupid. I told him that I'd studied TV Production for a year which he said was "cool" :'D

One of the pics I have (that someone else took for me when he was signing my stuff) is of me standing over him with my hands on my hips and him cowaring away - he'd just asked if my name was short for Elizabeth. I'd replied yes but he'd better not call me that or he'd get thumped!

He'd asked at one point how old I was to which I replied 27. He joked that he was only 30 *pause* I piped up - "you don't look it!" This was after I'd just inadvertantly called him old less than 10 seconds after meeting him.....

He agreed with me that Facebook needed an eff-off button for old school "mates" who wanted to get in touch!

I won some wardrobe photos (pics of him dressed as Blair for the wardrobe department on TS) in the raffle (amongst other things *grin*) and asked him to sign them. He was looking through them and remarked, "I really liked that jacket", then, "That was when I had a waistline..."!

He gave me a lovely hug goodbye and I asked him to thank Rebecca for us. He then told me to "Keep going with the 48 Hour stuff." He is such a sweety!

Liz (who is trying to decide what is more important - saving to pay college fees to further my career next year or save to go to Moonridge and GMOH13 *it WILL happen!*........?)
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