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2011-03-10 03:42 pm
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More tea, vicar?

So I'd like to be like Sir Stephen Fry and say that being Bi Polar can be great. 

It sucks.

Especially now that I'm unemployed.  Again.

I have all this energy to use up and nothing to do.  I feel like I'm going mad.

Oh, yeah, I already am!

Ha ha. 


I really shouldn't drink beer during the day.

Peace out.
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2010-11-10 02:54 pm
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Pass the really......

Soooo....this allergy to alcohol thing that Garett was telling me about is obviously contagious.  Not quite breaking out in handcuffs but close enough.

I am now officially on the wagon.
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2010-11-05 09:40 am
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I feel a bit it's not 7-up induced.....

I've had about 3 and a half hours sleep, the bags under my eyes could carry luggage themselves and I have foundation in my hair.

I'm just a big bundle of yay today, people!

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2010-11-04 01:59 pm

Memories of long ago.....

I'm still remembering GMOH10 moments almost 4 weeks after the event....

Latest one being Garett professing his love for The Princess Diaries. It took a while before he realised he meant The Princess Bride. The damage had already been done....

Loved the way he said "RRRRRebeccahhhh" in an English accent. ('specially cos that's my middle name!)  *grin*

Anyone else?
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2010-10-22 09:38 am
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Squish squelch squlch...

Soooo, it's raining today. I discovered belatedly that I have holes in my shoes....

I can't believe it was 2 weeks ago today that I was making my way down to the Land of Brum to meet his nibs. I'm still smiling like a lunatic and kissing the con pics goodnight. Must buy frames for them before Garett's lips get rubbed off.... *ahem*

Happy Friday everyone!

Liz :oD
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2010-10-21 11:13 am
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Greetings and GMOH10

I now have a brand spanking new Dreamwidth account - thank you Fluterbev for the invite!

I'm going to take this opportunity to jot down my memories of the fantabulous GMOH10 weekend we had in Birmingham 9-10th October. I'm afraid I'm going to be lazy and just copy/paste from my livejournal entries and comments to other people - apologies if you've already read them.

Squeeee! )